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Our Services:

We offer:

  • Preventive medicine tailored to your pet's lifestyle
  • A full range of surgical services, including abdominal, thoracic and orthopedic surgery
  • A well-equipped, in-house laboratory and x-ray facility for prompt diagnosis and treatment follow-up
  • Dental exams, cleanings and x-rays
  • Second opinions and advice for diagnostic dilemmas
  • Exotic animal medicine and surgery
  • Reproductive services including ovulation timing, artificial insemination, pre and post whelp exams, and C-sections when needed
  • Access to a variety of excellent specialists and consultants when the need arises
  • Courteous, competent, well-trained staff
  • Common sense, practicality and alternatives (when possible)
  • Emergency services for our current patients and those new to the area

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